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Thread: Emulate an "Apple aiport express with airtune" on a Wii

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    Emulate an "Apple aiport express with airtune" on a Wii


    I am using now my wii extensively as a media center to read my Divx (MplayerCE), watch the last cable show on my TV (Playon). But now, I am looking for a good way to listen to my music...

    I am an Ipod user. Thus, I have a PC with must of my music on Itune. With the Ipod/Iphone, I can control my Itune on my PC remotely very nicely. Now I would like a way to send this music to my stereo in my living room (connected to my Wii).

    I also would like to be able to listen to Pandora on my stereo (connected to my Wii)

    I know, I can read my PC music via Orb or SMB but those can't match the features of itune/Iphone.

    The great solution I found is the "Apple aiport express with airtune" but this is 100$.

    Is there a way to emulate this application on a Wii? Basically send the Audio signal from a Pc through Wifi to my Wii.


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    zorba the greek? lol

    Stupid apple charging all the things of the world..

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    next week, apple take over Nintendo, and they bring you.....the....iWii .

    the already taken over my kitchen, with my new iKEttle, iToaster and iSink.....

    @OP: i dont think its something your gonna be able to emulate tbh. Just stick with SMB.

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    There is probably not a solution right now I agree. But it seems to be doable. I know Unix systems have card sound forwarding for years.

    There are also other systems on the market that the apple one:
    squeezebox (with shoutcast)
    Linksys media receiver

    Thinking a little bit more about this, an alternative could be to just install an FM transmeiter on my PC (quite cheap).


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