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Thread: USB/SD problem! Please help!

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    Exclamation USB/SD problem! Please help!


    I have a problem concerning the Usb/Sd loader that I have on my Wii. Apparently it doesnt want to read my SD card for some reason. I find that odd cause it reads fine when I open the homebrew channel and browse for other apps that I have stored. I have cIOS38r14 installed, so its not an IOS matter(obviously). What could it be? My SD card is brand new, its 4 GB Kingston..what could this mean? When I try to run a game off of it I got an error (-1). I already checked the error list under faq's and I cant find a solution. Can someone please help me?

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    did you erase sth on it maybe?? what games cease to play? Wiiware? emulators?

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    well, I didnt erase anything off of it, I just formatted it the regular way and with the help of a program you guys have (SD Formatter). Well the game is "Quantom of Solace (USA)". That refused to work. I dont know why is this happening. Any idea? ...

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    you need to format it with WBFS manager then place it in

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    you know the funny part is, the game was put on the SD card via WBFS Manager. What can we do now? :S

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    you can reformat it with WBFS manager, then re place the game then re try

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    Ok, I downloaded the newest version 3.0 and tried to reformat it and this came out: An error occured while attempting to format drive. omg.. Im starting to think the whole think might be evolving around the SD card and not anything else...omg..:S

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    dont freak out, just format it with the windows tool then try again

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    format it as FAT or FAT32? just in case...

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    try all possibilities. if you can access it with windows, no problem

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