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    help help help

    ok so i bought a wii that already had been modified any way with all the carry on with smg i decided to open my wii to find if it was indeed a wii key...well it aint and i dont know what it i have 3 questions
    can a genuine wii key be put on mine in place of this thing thatsalready there
    is there any one that some one can recomend near to manchester uk
    do you know what on earth this chip is?

    my serial leh13145583
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    looks like a Diy chip
    Stoke me a clipper I`l be back for lunch

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    yeah my sentiments as well can it be wii keyed and is there any one up here doing it that any one knows of please thanks

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    will it be safe to update the wii with the smg?

    come on chaps im dying to play it

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    I don't know if you can or not or if it's safe or not but if you can't.

    You got a modded wii, hmm you got one game you can't play. To buy a wiikey is $35.00 after shipping. Then you gotta undo what ever you got under that case and solder a new chip in. If you know what your doing that's no problem. But as you bought a premod system, I would guess you might have someone do it that would cost probably atleast $30.00 minimum.

    You would be better off going out and buying this one game. Since it's the only game currently not playable.

    (and I know they will make more games like the SMG problem but heck trade it in when that happens and then get your backups if need be)
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    Got a d2ckey fitted in my Wii from a guy in Manchester.

    He also fits Wii Keys and mods all other consoles.

    He also repairs any damage done by previous attempts to install chips.

    Let me know if you want his details.

    You can post the console to him or take it to him and he'll do it while you wait.

    Whats the problem with SUPER MARIO GALAXY?

    I have a copy of it and it works fine with my d2ckey and my mate has a copy and it works fine with his WIIKEY.


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