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Thread: anyregionchanger mismatch & errors after change

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    anyregionchanger mismatch & errors after change

    Hello all,

    First off, I hope that I placed this in the right section, seemed right to me.

    Ok, I changed the region of my Jap wii to US following the guide found here ---> How to change the system menu region for your Wii! -

    I changed the game region as well.

    However, when I went back in to change the shop channel with anyregionchanger, there was a few errors at the beginning of the program, and once the program fully loaded, the program gives a warning that the system and region don't match even though they do. Is there a problem? Or should I just ignore this?

    Thanks.. .

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    I guess that no one has any idea about this? Could it be because the Wii is chipped?

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    Just for other people that might hit this snag as well. The mistake was that I didn't reinstall the ios wads and the ciosfix after the update - that is why there was an error. I used bootmii to install a backup and started over fresh. I installed the ios wads and ciosfix again after the update and all is well now.


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