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Thread: Cannot Access wii via network

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    Question Cannot Access wii via network

    hi to all!
    i have been working with backing up my games for a couple of days using dvd dumper using wifi,and up to now i cant access the wii ip addres to our netwok.i tried to access it using 3 different computers but i got the same result.
    any help will be much appreciated.

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    dumping via wifi is soooo last week!

    get a SD card, pen drive or USB hard drive and dump directly to that with any of the USB loaders. You can dump a game in anything from 30seconds to 20 minutes depending on the size of the game.

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    Hi Davepm,
    Thank you for the advise. Actually I was planning to do the USB dumping method, but I cannot make it work. I tried using a 4 Gig Thumb Drive (flash disk) but got errors while mounting the disk. I am using a macbook and my only access to windows programs is via Parallels Desktop. Is it possible to dump a game in a flash disk, or do I need a hard disk for me to use the application. And if you can give me a link of a fully working USB Dumping will help a lot.


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