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Thread: HBC 1.0.4 intentionally loads upside down!, when running under a fakesigned IOS

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    Arrow HBC 1.0.4 intentionally loads upside down!, when running under a fakesigned IOS

    Found this out :

    OK, so i downloaded the hackmii installer beta 4 test 1 right. As I had cIOSCORP v3.4 installed, it wouldn't run, so I just installed an unmodified IOS36 v1042 in order to install it. As IOS36 was the only unmodified IOS, that's the IOS the hackmii installer used for everything. I installed bootmii beta 4, and HBC 1.0.4, then exited and loaded the HBC, so I could reinstall my cIOSCORP v3.4 cIOS36. after doing so, HBC loaded upside down! To verify what caused this, I reinstalled my unmodified IOS36 v1042, and it loaded fine.

    After that, I installed an unmodified IOS60 v6174, along with IOS36 v1042 (to make sure that IOS36 itself wasn't causing it), reinstalled HBC 1.0.4 (it installed to use IOS 60), and then installed my cIOS60 from cIOSCORP v3.4 without touching IOS36, and just as I had predicted, it loaded upside down!

    So, I have found out that if the HBC 1.0.4 is running under a fakesigned IOS, it will intentionally load upside down!

    So, if you are a cIOSCORP user, or wish to use cIOSCORP soon, I suggest installing that latest bootmii (beta 4), but just install HBC 1.0.3, rather than HBC 1.0.4.

    Just thought i would especially let the staff know because if this is not a bug and instead is away of team twizzers frowning upon pirates. Then expect an influx of '' PLEASE HELPPPP!!!!!MY HBC IS UP SIDE DOWN '' , When it hits official release date LOL
    Wii Specs:
    4.1E PAL BootMii as BOOT2,Preloader
    cIOSCORP v3.5 ,IOS 249,Latest cMIOS and cIOS

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    Those crazy twizzers guys.
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.

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    Serves you right tho... Cioscorp FAIL case lol!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by messie View Post
    Serves you right tho... Cioscorp FAIL case lol!!!
    I second that, Cioscorp is teh fail.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Favs View Post
    I second that, Cioscorp is teh fail.
    so true!

    was reading this on GBAtemp a few days ago, so funny, the poor guy who wondered wtf was going on! lol


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