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Thread: Please help, can not play games with 4.1

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    Please help, can not play games with 4.1

    I backed up copies of TMNT smash up and Muramasa when i put each game in, it said i needed to have a system update. It will not let me start the game with out this update. So i downloaded and installed Waninkoko 4.1 update. It downloaded and installed fine, but both games still show this update request when i try running the games. What am i doing wrong. I appreciate the help thanks.

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    You are not doing anything wrong, people often confuse the fw version i.e 4.1u etc as being everything your wii needs to play certain games, truth is that the game updates are just various IOS's the game needs and if your system doesn't have them on then it won't play it.

    I think there is a guide somewhere of what IOS's you need for certain games, then it is a case of installing the IOS as a wad.

    btw, when you say you 'backed up' I gather you mean you downloaded the game (otherwise you would have had this problem with the original also)...was the download from a reliable working source?

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    I did get it from a reliable source. So i need ios. Ok. Sounds simple enough. I did install a new backup loader and it seems to bypass the ios problem, but i shall update that as well. thanks a lot. Still new to this


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