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Thread: WAD Installer - Which IOS do I install?

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    Question WAD Installer - Which IOS do I install?

    Hello. I have a Canadian Wii version 4.0u. I installed a Drivekey Mod and it's been working fine for months with backups. I thought I'd try running WADS now but am kinda confused. I have successfully installed the HBC v20.29 and it says ios55 on the title screen (dunno why).
    I get to the point in the Wii Manager where it asks which IOS I want to install. My IOS choices are as follows...
    254 61 60 55 53 51 50 38 to 30 28 22 21 20 17 to 9 4

    Which IOS should I choose?

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    do this first, after that shoose ios249. Also what you are looking at is probably prelaoder, if it is a black screen with 6 rows

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    I'm trying to follow this video (check out 3:47)
    and it says to load ios249 but I don't have it as a choice.
    Correct me if I'm wrong - after i follow the tuturial you mentioned (Easy way to get cios on ANY Wii!), I will then have the option to install IOS249 if i re-run the wad manager 1.5 - is that correct?
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    Sorry its 10 mins and i dont have them... just do thi and you will get the option. but to run wiiware you ll need more than that

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    Thx Messie
    I followed the steps and the video and now have v249 and it lets me install WADS!


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