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Thread: Don't use Nexxtech discs from Circuit City

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    Don't use Nexxtech discs from Circuit City

    While I am still new to this forum and I am sure this topic has been bashed in the head to death I'll post anyway since I learned something new.

    Don't use those cheesy Nexxtech dvd-r 16x discs from circuit city.

    First I thought something might be wrong with my wiihack'ed but then I tried my trusty sony discs and it loaded up just fine (pic below).

    The game would load then eventually I would get the message "...wii cannot read the disc...."

    And I realize everyone likes to use verbatim but so far I've had good success with the sony's above and similar memorex discs.

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    nexxtech works i've burned a few games on them, i had like 20 of them lying around...but yeah i agree with verbatim sony and brands work as well...1 brand that will not work is HP

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    One thing that's difficult about working with multiple Wii consoles is that they are not all alike. Some Wii consoles will do fine with the cheapest, light-on-the-dye DVD discs and others will reject anything other than Verbatim DVD-R.

    Other reported acceptable substitutes appear to be the Sony DVD-R and then Maxell and HP appear to vie for third place. Again, each report of acceptance is countered by multiple reports of failure. If the price is good, try a few but be prepared for immediate or even eventual failure.


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