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Thread: Guitar Hero and Rock Band controllers

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    Guitar Hero and Rock Band controllers

    is it possible to use the same controller for both these games?

    which one do ppl think is better for mainly single player, but with occasional multiplayer

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    GH controllers work with Rock band 2, but not rock band 1.

    any GH game is fairly good for single or multiplayer, RB:Beatles is my favourite at the minute (but im old enough to like the beatles )

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    On the Wii, your gonna have to use Guitar Hero instraments for cross game compatibility (guitar heros 3-5 (YES RB instrments work in 5) and rock band 2 (dose GH instraments work in TB:RB?)

    On the other consoles, your choice between RB and GH

    Buy the guitar hero games, and RB2 (for free DLC and custom songs (if you have modded wii)). There all equaly as fun.


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