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Thread: Where does WAD Manager install WADs?

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    Question Where does WAD Manager install WADs?

    I'm familiar with the process behind installing WADs but I am a bit more interested in the technical side of things. Does WAD Manager install the WADs onto the Wii's hard drive? I'm assuming this is the case, since cIOS is installed via WAD but just wanted to confirm.

    For instance, I install a WiiWare WAD, install it via WAD Manager - can I now delete that WAD from the SD card? Where can I check the available space remaining on the Wii hard drive?

    Also, is it possible to install these WADs to a USB hard drive instead? I already have a 500GB USB drive formatted to WBFS for launching backups. From what I understand I would have to create a FAT32 partition to store homebrew apps but have yet to find anything regarding WAD files off of USB.


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    lol it will be long to explain...

    anyway, wads are installed in wii memory. Check wii memory from data management in blocks... blocks are about 3-4 megabytes... you cant install anywhere else, but you can move channels to SD card at sys menu 4/4.1. When installed, the wads can be deleted, but i would recommend to keep them handy if you want to uninstall them via wadmanager, bc deleting from channels screen leaves trash behind

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