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Thread: Force NTSC With USB loader? - Need Help!

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    Force NTSC With USB loader? - Need Help!

    Hey guys, I'm using Waninko's USB loader 1.5. I want to back up some PAL games but of course I get black and white/messed up screen. Is there any way to force NTSC with this USB loader or any other USB loader? My PALs work great with the backup launcher when I force NTSC, just not USB loader, and I don't want to have to travel with a bunch of PAL games when I'm sure there has to be some way to force NTSC with USB loader. I did some research on my own and found that ultimate USB loader 7.5 has the force NTSC option. When I downloaded the boot.dol to my SD and plugged it in to my Wii, it asked if I wanted to install, I said yes, then it went to a black screen and never did anything. My Wii is a NTSC console running 3.2.


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    Can anyone help??

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    Use USB Loader GX. It's updated almost constantly and it can run basically anything (assuming you're region-free already).

    If you force NTSC on a PAL game and it still doesn't work, then the problem may not be the fact that it's another region.

    News (USB Loader GX)


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