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Thread: Freeloader + Monster Hunter 3 tri = brick?

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    Unhappy Freeloader + Monster Hunter 3 tri = brick?

    Hi everyone, im new to these forums. I have a NTSC Jap wii ver 3.2. My Wii is not modded in any other way (no other softmods or chips). I bought a japanese version of freeloader so I could play PAL and NTSC-US games. It worked fine with PAL Metroid Prime Corruption.

    However, I recently bought NTSC-Jap Monster Hunter 3 tri. I did the alternative load method with the freeloader (i.e. inserting it twice followed by the game). You may be wondering why I was using the freeloader with a Japanese game on my Japanese Wii. That's because according to the instructions that came with the freeloader it says you should use it for your local games too to avoid unwanted updates.

    Anyway I did the freeloader thing then put the game disc in and got to the Wii home menu. It didn't show the picture of the game in the little disc box/window thingy in the top left corner. I clicked on the window and a message in Japanese came up with a confirm button at the bottom. I clicked it and another window popped up that had a blue bar filling up at the bottom slowly. Anyway after that finished I just got a black screen and nothing happened. Ive tried unplugging and re-inserting and everything else I could think but to no avail. Have I just "bricked" my Wii?

    I would greatly appreciate any help with this issue anybody could offer.
    Thanks in advance.
    p.s. sorry for the long post i thought i should give as much specific information as I could that might be helpful.

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    Looks like the update bricked you.

    You say your Wii is not modded in any other way besides Freeloader, which is fair enough. I would like to know though if it had been modified in any way in the past, downgraded to 3.2 from 4.0 and then virginized for example.
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    Thanks for replying Tealc. My Wii has never been modified in the past before. It hasn't been downgraded and then virginised. It is still in its "virgin" state you could say i.e. its just a standard Wii bought from the store.

    Edit: im just gonna send my wii to ninty and get it repaired. There seems like there is nothing else that'll work :/
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