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Thread: Memory Card Issues

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    Memory Card Issues

    Ok so i got myself a 128mb wii/gamecube memory card off ebay a couple of weeks back so i could play the gamecube games on the wii. it worked fine for about half a dozen saves of wind waker and at least 2 turns of dora. the problem is that while my son was playing dora the game wouldn't save mid game and told me the memory card needed formatting which i did (thankfully not that far into wind waker yet) it wont save/load any game at all and keeps telling me it needs formatting despite already doing it.

    does anyone out there have the slightest idea how to fix the card so i can save again? and how i can stop it from corrupting mid game again? son really wants to play dora (hes 5 so its one of the few games he can play without difficulty)

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    The problem with the chinese mem cards which I'm assuming you bought is that they have the tendancy to crap out quite easily and if you can find a Nyko one buuy it as I've been using mine for a few years now with no trouble or even an official one if you can find one.

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    im not sure if it was a chinese one or is white and just says "Wii 128MB MEMORY CARD" on i am best getting a new card then? is there no way to fix this one?

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    Thats pretty much a chinese one, white with no brand name and like I said either find an official one or a good 3rd party one like nyko.

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    ok thanks ...guess im off to ebay for a look for a better card


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