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Thread: Please Help: Eject Issues with DMS board.

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    Please Help: Eject Issues with DMS board.


    I just installed my Wiikey 2 today, I have the DMS board, so I dont need to solder the G wire. I plugged in the power cord to my Wii, the Wiikey flashed red and blue lights real quick. There was a game already in it, the Wii is not able to read it. Also, the eject button is not working at all. Also my wire from 3.3V and the one from GND are maybe an extra inch long, just in case that might help. I have been working on it all day, and I don't know what else to do, any help would be much appreciated.

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    It doesn't help, I looked at that before I made this thread. He seems to be having wires running from every point and switching the G wire. I don't use the G wire with a DMS drive. But thanks.


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