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Thread: Getting black screen on running games

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    Getting black screen on running games

    I have just tried to softmod my wii by follow the (New 3.1-4.1 Softmod for ANY Wii ). But when I tried to load games from USB loader / USB loader GX, it will go to black screen.
    I tired Mario kart and it will go straight to black screen aftering loading. And Zelda black screened after I config screen in the game (the thingy after creating save slot.)
    I got cios038 r14, cios222, ciosorp 3.4 installed.
    Is there anyone can help me?

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    probably missing some IOS's, 38,53,55,56,57. Or some combination of.

    Take a look around the forums, many answers to the same questions, and youll find links to wads for the missing IOS's

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    But when I burn the Mario Kart to DVD-R, I was able to play it. Does disc and hard drive use the same IOS?


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