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Thread: Trying to downgrade from 4.1 to anything

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    Thumbs down Trying to downgrade from 4.1 to anything

    I can succesfully run "Downgrade IOS35" and "PatchMii" but after these two tasks my system still displays 4.1u so as I keep reading and trying to load new cios I ALWAYS get one of two errors... ret 1035 or ret 2011 everytime. I am stuck and I can't find a tutorial or forum that will help me. I know what I need to do to softmod I just can't complete the task. Thanks

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    You most likely have a LU64+ serial Wii. Meaning it is impossible to downgrade. If you want to softmod your Wii use search and look for a guide that get's you homebrew for a 4.1 Wii.

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    Insufficient information

    Sorry, I failed to mention that I am doing this on an LU37.

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    WiiHacks Site Announcements/News/Events? wrong forum much?

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    No, actually this is my first time ever, can you tell? Also, I've already tried the tutorial in the above link, but no matter which method I use to try to softmod my 4.1 whether it's downgrading or not, I still get one of the two errors when trying to load a wad file. ret 2011 and ret 1035 are my two errors. Has anyone dealt with these errors and found a way around it or am I on my own? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    if you send another message for this error i ll send you to the reading room. do again the thing i linked you, if you are getting it it means you dont do it right. also, when installing things with wadmanager, make sure you select ios 249 to use


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