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Thread: Hey PPL Goodmorning NEED SUM ADVICE PLZ

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    Question Hey PPL Goodmorning NEED SUM ADVICE PLZ

    I've been searching for the Excitebots Trick Racing ISO and every torrent i've found describes it as being 1.14gb and I wonder if that is correct being that most are 4.37gb to the point is this how Excitbots is designed?

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    What's with the CAPS there pal, you looking for trouble?

    The torrent you are viewing are scrubbed versions. A Wii disc contains a few different things:-
    1) Update Area.
    2) Game Data Area.
    3) Crap data area.

    Some games have a lot more crap than others, so Excitebots must have over 3GB of useless random rubbish data that is just padding the disc up to 4.37GB. Wiiscrubber removes this useless info and leaves us with the actual game.

    Some games use only 200MB of game data.
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    Srry imma a noob to this site and thanks(pushed the button)


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