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Thread: Channel for NGC Backup Loader

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    Channel for NGC Backup Loader

    I've searched, but only found the app itself. I would like the loader to have its own channel, so I don't have to go through HBC. Don't really care if its a channel with integrated dol or a forwarder. Any help would be appreciated.

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    you could search a little more, i bet it exosts around the forum. if it does not tho, you couold create a channel with wadder for any given application

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    I do remember finding a channel/forwarder months ago when I was reading about cMIOS and the backup launcher but can't remember where I found it.

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    I found one package which was said to include a channel/forwarder, but there wasn't anything like that inside. Only the app, and lots of strange other files. Don't erally want to make one myself, as I'll probably just bannerbrick the console..


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