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Thread: DVD Dumper 1.2 blue screen wii game

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    DVD Dumper 1.2 blue screen wii game

    I'm sorry if this has been asked (a million times) before, but I have been looking and didn't find anything.

    Ok, I was trying to back up my wii game (Punch Out). I sent it via WIFI with dvd dumper. After it was done dumping my ISO I burned it using IMGburn and went to launch it via back-up launcher. when I hit launch game, I got a blue screen which gave no error # (that I can recall) but said to eject the disk and power off my console. My wii is not bricked or anything, but did I miss a step? what did I do wrong? I am on 4.1U running DVD 1.2 Also, just to give you some more info, the DVD dumper is in channel format (a .wad file). Should I also install the Cios rev37_03? I didn't think I needed it because I had a wad file.

    Thank you!

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    Nevermind, I installed Neogammer R7 and it works.


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