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Thread: 972 error =(

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    972 error =(

    I don't know what to do anymore...Whenever I burn a backup disc, my neogamma r6 wont read it.

    I have bootmii, HBC, neogamma r6, cIOS 13b, and did the TBR IOS patching. I used a guide elsewhere, then came here (after loading up my virgin nand) and used this..

    Still wont read my discs. I can load wii games thru my external hard drive though, and they play flawlessly. I'm really only interested in getting discs to work for the gamecube backups.

    I'm burning them at 4x on verbatim dvd+r, NEC recorder. I even changed the book type to dvd-rom on one of them, no luck. wii plays retail games fine.

    1 - is there anything else that could be giving me the disc errors?

    2 - could using verbatim dvd-r's really be what fixes this?

    3 - is there ANY alternative to using discs for gamecube backups

    any comments or answers to those questions would be GREATLY appreciated.

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    Did you install DVDX? I'd try the Gamecube Backup Loader and see if that works.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ven0m View Post
    Did you install DVDX? I'd try the Gamecube Backup Loader and see if that works.
    DVDX? I didn't know that had anything to do with it =p I'll give it a try.

    As for the gamecube backup this it?

    thx for the quick reply!

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    Wow I don't believe it...My particular dvd burner doesn't have a bit-setting ability with its default firmware

    so i flashed my damn dvd burner with custom firmware, set my book type to dvd-rom, and voila!! I figured it was the media..i tried everything else at this point.

    Anyway, what ways are there to play GC games on the wii? is the GC backup launcher the only way? I heard about a wiigator .3, is that any good? most importantly though, is there anything that can be made into a channel? that way i don't need an sd card

    Another thing I might mention is that when the discs play they barely make ANY noise. My retail discs make a loud vibrating noise, these are silent!! awesome
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    you might as well buy some dvd-rs theyare better

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    I am now getting error 972, could you help me out on how you fix your problem?

    I have NeoGamma R6, IOS249 Rev14, and Gecko 1.9 and nether will run my games that I am trying to burn now. I am also using DVD+R and they do work because I have three games that work, do not know if it matters but Wii Sports Resort, Demon Blade, and SSBB.


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