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Thread: What IF?

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    What IF?

    I have I have a Wii with 3.4u I also have a Wiikey2 + V14 WiiClip2. I also just done the Trucha Bug Restorer ( i do not fully understand what that did, but my WADS now work. My issues is this. what would happen if i updated my Wii? Reason i ask is this. I "backed up" a copy of the new Ghost Busters game, and when i inserted the game it gave me an option to do a Wii System Update. how will this affect my system in its current state? also should i update? Thanks for all the info.
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    Don't use the official one. Search for Wanikokos upgrade instead.

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    You'll probably still need to update your IOS even after using Waninkoko's 4.1 update. Either let the 3.4 update disc update them for you (assuming you have NTSC-U version disc)or search and do it yourself. There are a few dozen Ghostbuster threads so you should find what you are looking for.
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