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Thread: Help semi-brick help for used wii?

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    Question Help semi-brick help for used wii?

    Hi everybody,
    sorry for making this my first post, but i found this forum searching for ways to fix my semi-bricked wii. I searched all over the net but i couldnt figure out what to do, please help. Here goes

    • I bought a used wii ntsc-u from a guy, who said it has a modchip installed though he didnt know which one, i cannot go into the settings menu, its giving the opera error
    • i do not know the firmware version cuz i cannot go into the wii setting menu, so how do find that out some other way?
    • i have two forecast channels, two news channels, one game channel, mii channel, photo channel, shop channel, geckoOS, internet channel, everybody votes channel, and the main wii menu screen doesnt display an sd card, is my wii homebrewed already?

    Please tell me what to do?
    Thanks in Advance

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    Well it's 100% semi-bricked.

    If you have GeckoOS then it's been softmodded at some time although as you didn't mention the Homebrew channel it seems like it was removed.

    I would recommend trying out some of the unbrick tutorials for semi-bricks and see how you get on.

    If you want to know which modchip it is:-

    Pop the Wii open and check visually for the modchip.
    Manually burn every firmware update disc for every modchip and try them till you get lucky.

    If you wish to install homebrew again:-

    As you can't access system settings you will have difficulty running bannerbomb so you might need to use Twilight hack or Super Smash hack.

    Check for bootmii/boot2:

    Turn on your Wii and check for 2 disc bay blue flashes in close succession (i.e. 1 second)

    Check for preloader:

    Hold down reset, power on while still holding reset.

    So we can help further come back with your findings.
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    Thanx alot for the reply

    The Homebrew Channel isnt there.

    Could u recommend a unbrick tutorial for my situation cuz i cudnt find one for the newer firmware version, also i dont know my firmware version.

    To use the twilight hack or the super smash hack, wouldnt i need to know the firmware of my wii?

    I checked for bootmii/boot2 and it doesnt have em, the drive just flashes once on power on.

    Tried the preloader check, goes directly to Health and Safety Warning.

    Wat shud i do?

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    i tried the twilight hack(0.1beta 1, done through wii brew sd installer) on my wii and it worked! i now have the HBC on my wii.

    i suppose that means i have fw vers 3.0-3.3? right?

    the first link does'nt help me cuz i dont have know the firmware version cud u pls tell me a way to find that out?

    most of the fixes require that i know the firmware version

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    Besides going into the Wii settings and looking you can run title_lister which will give you a list of channels and IOS installed.

    Towards the bottom of the list generated (give it time to stop scrolling) you'll have some numbers followed by something like.....(System Menu) 0.2 (418) FW IOS60

    This tells me that v418 and IOS60 are my System menu files and when compared with System Menu - WiiBrew I can work out My System is 4.0E. Simple.

    Preloader will also display your System Menu file version. (I think)

    Also savemiifrii will show you.
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    thanks alot for the help ur great

    title lister did the trick it gave me a system menu vers 258 IOS30.. which means i have firmware 3.1u..

    will a v290 repad fix disc do the trick? or will it just work with fw 3.2?

    shud i update to 3.2u?(pls recommend a way to do this too )


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    Actually v258 IOS30 is 3.1(PAL).

    So it's pretty clear what the problem is.

    You have a USA Wii which someone has updated to 3.1(PAL)via disc. As you Wii sys conf says I'm a USA Wii and your System says it's PAL it's semi-brick.

    Use custom IOS Downgrader to update you Wii to 3.2(USA), this will update you to v289 and also update your Wii sys conf to USA.
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    yeah after posting i found out that pal mistake.

    from what i can find does'nt cIOS Downgrader require that i have bootmii installed, most importantly that i shud be connected to the internet.

    but i cant get into my system settings, so i am not connected to the internet

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    Shadow. I have the same problem, but my question is how'd you use the title lister because i wanna know what version my wii is. And where can i get one?

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