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Thread: Help! Beatles Rock Band won't run on modded wii...?

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    Exclamation Help! Beatles Rock Band won't run on modded wii...?

    I have a NTSC wii with the Home Brew Channel, GekoOs Backup Launcher, cIOS249r14, Patched IOS60, and Updated to 4.1 software through Waninikoko's Firmware Updater 4.1.

    When I insert the official game disc, it won't play because it says that the firmware needs to be updated.

    Please help...


    EDIT: We installed StartPatch it's recognizing the disc but the game won't load up through the disc channel...

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    Read the guides on how to get the back up copied to work. Even though you have an original copy, you must run it through a backup launcher since the disc channel will prompt you for a disc update, and a backup launcher will bypass that.

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    you will also need ioses 222 and 223 by hermes, search the forum for the game

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    I have the same issue. Game will play but only the microphone works I have install hermes 222/223 cios249r14 and the usb loader gx r 749. all other rb versions work great but beatles will not connect guitar or drum. and I have been searching faq, guide and forums all day. Is there a fix for it yet? I can nnot get my flatmii to even launch the game.

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