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Thread: Trouble with Contra Rebirth (Help!)

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    Trouble with Contra Rebirth (Help!)

    I download the wad for Contra Rebirth and can't for the life of me get it to work.. It freezes up every time I try at #7.. The first time I did it I got an error and I can't remember what it was.. It was pretty long.. I restarted and uninstalled the wad... The tried again and now it always freezes.. I tried the UK version as well and that freezes at #10.. I was wondering if anyone has any solutions for me? I recently lost my original card that I did all my modding with.. Does that have anything to do with this? I tried a virtual console wad for Adventures of Lolo and that worked fine.. Just wondering if anyone has any info for me.. Thanks in advance.. Scott

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    Have you tried re-formatting your sd card to FAT32 and using a wad from a different source?
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    Yeah it's a brand new card that has been formatted. Just can't seem to get it to work.. I've tried two different wads and neither one wants to work for me.

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    is it from your region? maybe a bad wad or sth.. no reason why it should not work

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    Yeah it's from my region.. Ha I guess there's no real answer for it.. Weird stuff..

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    do you get error 1022 maybe??

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    Try installing a cIOS on your Wii. Might help out a bit because that is generally the problem that is happening to you if it is doing that...

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