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Thread: HELP! Online gaming with backup :(

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    HELP! Online gaming with backup :(

    I made a backup of my friend's Beatles Rock Band, and I'm playing it on online mode.. May I stop playing it? What can I do and I can't, online?

    Ps.: I bought the game, I'm waiting the mailman

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    all backups should work fine online.

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    Even if there is more than one person playing the same "root game"? Is there no problem?

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    Nope, no problem. If you decided to cheat using Ocarina online then you could potentially run into issues.
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    Hm.. And can I bought new music online from the music store of the game, even with a backup of other one? And when my copy arrives, will be possible to play these songs with MY copy?

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    Those songs are saved onto an sd card. Reguardless if the game is an original or backup copy doesnt matter. You just need a compatable sd card or else it wont let you place the songs on the card.

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    There is no way nintendo know what game you are playing, original or backup, unless you have to enter the serial, which does not happens as far as i know


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