Having a problem loading tiger woods 2010, well not really too bad now as i did find a way to get it to load, but i need to understand what the problem is with it.
Here's the setup:

Tiger woods 2010 iso (ntsc), currently on usb hdd
neogamma r6 / ios249 / cios rev 13a (all from uber pack)
002 fix: on

Now, by trial and error i can get the game to work perfectly, but i have to set alt.dol to DISC, and select main.dol. If i don't, it times out or hangs on launching game. Any ideas? Or maybe this is happening to you?
Also will this still happen if i load from a dvd?

I'm waiting to put this onto a dvd, incase somebody knows that this will still happen on dvd and there's a fix or a patch for the iso maybe?