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Thread: I bought a semi brick wii off ebay, help

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    I bought a semi brick wii off ebay, help

    Hi everyone, just two days ago i bought a Wii on ebay, I initially thought that this would bring so much joy but so far it has only brought me misery.

    The seller told my it was a NTSC japan version with soft mod and would play everything i throw at it, and stupid me bought the thing. I've tried returning and contacting the buyer but nothing.

    I've spent the last two days reading up on all this hacking, homebrewing, preloading stuff and the more i read the more confused i get. I can't seem to do something someone has suggested because i cant either access the wii internet settings, not sure what firmware im on, or dont have the upgrade game.

    my problems with the wii are-
    1) when connected to my 40inch sony lcd screen i get these funny vertical lines but when plugged into my 15inch trinitron tv it seems to be clear- I haven't been able to rectify this problem because i cant get into the settings, which brings us to the next problem. I've also wiggled the cables around.

    2)Going into my settings i get that "opera" message which i have now learnt is a semi brick.

    Only thing that works is the games that came with it, which appears to be from china or japan, i've tried burning games but get error code #001

    I've tried the wii system menu update, but it could not read the disc, i've burnt this a few times using varying speeds and different disc, but to no avail.

    I've also wondered if there was some sort of modification, so i inspected the screws and they dont seem tampered with- I know this does not make sense.
    And put in a wiikey disc but it said there was no wiikey installed.

    At this stage i've searched forums from every nook and cranny on the net, i do stumble accross people with the same problem, but they all seem not to get a response, only the ones who know what firmware they were on at first.

    Any help at this stage will be helpful, i would like to know what my options are, if any, or just throw it back on ebay.

    So many thanks in advance.
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    what menu greats you at the begining . the lines could be because of ntsc trouble .. not being compatable .
    1 . have you got bootmii installed or preloader . did it come withan sd card .

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    The warning health and safety great- press A to continue

    I dont think i have either, is there a way i can check? I didnt come with an SD card but I do have a 1gb card.

    Thanks for your quick reply

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    so thats all you get is safety and press A THATS ALL . nothing else no wii menu or anything .

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    and was it working or have you had it working or has it always loaded upto the health warning and gave up ..

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    Yes im able to get past the health warning, then into the wii menu where i can load the games from china, there are forecast channels but not homebrew stuff that i can see. So its still working except for the settings.

    Thank you

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    so wot do you want to do with your wii .. do you want it in english . and load backups . wot firmware is your wii running on .. you will find this info in your wii options . settings top right hand corner ...

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    Yes i would like it in english and run backups. Like i mentioned above, i dont know what firmware i have because i cannot access the settings.

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    2 secs ill have a little read bro brb ...

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    i think you have a partial brick lemme jus speak to someone ..

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