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Thread: Bricked Wii - black screen after start up

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    Bricked Wii - black screen after start up

    Hey guys,

    Yeah so installed homebrew and back up loader, cept games kept crashing. Thought my friend said i could just uninstall stuff if it didn't work. So i tried doing that.

    Reinstalled homebrew channel. Tried to downgrade IOS35. Said, I see you are a pirate..bye. Wasn't too sure what that was about. So i went to WAD manager and uninstalled IOS35, IOS36, IOS60patched and WG3g002fix. Basically thought i could reverse the whole procedure and start again. So yeah, went cIOS38_rev13a Installer cept couldn't see IOS35 to select for installation as the readme panicked and tried to exit, cept that didn't work..and i didn't think and reset my Wii.

    So now im stuck at this stage where my Wii just shows a black screen when started up. Pretty much went into this blind..bad idea..Just hoping there is some sort of fix to gonna kill me if they find out.

    If you need extra info, just shout. I updated from firmware 3.3E to 4.1E beforehand if that makes any difference. I didn't install bootmii cause the readme said "I have read that Bootmii can interfere with installing a cIOS so at this time we will not install Bootmii (if this claim is wrong then let me know). "

    Sorry for making that so long..and my idiocy in playing around with the Wii. Thanks for any help you can give.

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    uninstalled IOS35, IOS36, IOS60patched and
    There's your problem. Why would you do that? All you needed to do was remove any pirate channels you'd installed from menu and SD. i.e. wad games.

    Failing to install bootmii, sadly, has just cost you either:-
    a) The cost of a new Wii.
    b) The cost of a repair of a Wii. (75USD-175+USD)
    c) The postage when sending back under Warranty.

    What you have done is removed the System Menu of your Wii and left yourself with no way of changing or replacing it. Bootmii/boot2 could have enabled you to install another copy.
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    yeah..didn't know sh*t all..well thanks for that..not gonna mess around with this stuff again till i read ahead


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