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Thread: Ntsc on pal

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    Ntsc on pal

    Im Currently Using My External HDD To Play My Backups On My Pal Wii
    Using Homebrew An Have Noticed A Couple Of My Games Are NTSC An They Play Upon Realising This I Got Some More NTSC Games An Firgured Not All Of Them Work, My Question Is Simple, How Do I Get All Of Them To Work????

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    unbidden I use Neogamma R7 for loading from my HDD. I have never had any problems at all from any NTSC games. I am using a 3.2E (PAL) wii.
    It does not have a fancy coverflow but that does not bother me.

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    you have to play with the "force pal/ntsc" option to see what it does

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    my wii is a 4.0e will the gamma work on 4.0 gonna go look for that also what is "force ntsc/pal" where i find this,

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    mess with the settings and you ll find it, it must say regioon or video mode or sth

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    thank you for help so far got the gamma on been lookin bout see wat you mean with the force thing however havin bit o trouble installin the cios38_rev14 where i put that on ma sd cause i cant for the life of me remember

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    scratch that all done thank you very much all good i do miss my covers but i can deal just have to keep umm both


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