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Thread: Help with custom healt screen and theme

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    Help with custom healt screen and theme

    Could Somebody Compile This HealthScreen And Theme Into 3.2u? Ive Been Tryin For Months But Nothing Seems To Be Working. Inside the Folder Is The New HealthScreen I Want, The New Theme I Want, And My System Wad. Any Bit Of Help Is Most Appreciated.
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    I will search for a guide I wrote on how to do this. I also made custom channels to match the theme, with sound clips when you open the channel. Will post here when I remember where I put them on my pc.

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    OK Cool, My Biggest Problem Is MyMenu 1.3. Cant get it to work.

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    My Theme guide.

    I take no resposability if you brick your wii. Please use preloader or bootmii for safety. I also used a program called Wiihome for a cool start up screen. Check out my wii below.

    First process you need to get hold of the System file ( your Wii,
    The is the Nintendo container for the Wii system menu. By patching this file using MyMenu, a user can replace the default Wii theme. XX changes depending on region and version of your system.
    • = 3.2 NTSC-J
    • = 3.2 NTSC-U
    • = 3.2 PAL
    • = 4.0 NTSC-J
    • = 4.0 NTSC-U
    • = 4.0 PAL
    • = 4.1 NTSC-U
    • = 4.1 PAL
    It is essential that you choose the correct System Menu version and region for your Wii, or you will be bricked..
    How to find
    The easiest way to find these .app files is from the NUS Downloader (from here: NUS Downloader - WiiBrew .) To get the file properly, enter the following values in the nusdownloader, while making certain you have "Pack -> WAD" checked.
    • 0000000100000002 (first window)
    And then one of these in second window, get right one for your wii from above. E.g. 290 for 3.2e wii.
    • 288 for
    • 289 for
    • 290 for
    • 416 for
    • 417 for
    • 418 for
    • 449 for
    • 450 for
    Once the WAD is downloaded, use the WAD unpacker available with WADder to unpack the .app files. You do this by:
    • Install WADder, if you haven't already. ( WADder - WADder Wiki )
    • Browse to the WADder install folder. (My Computer\C:\Program files\WADder)
    • In a new window, browse to C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\
    • Drag common-key.bin from the WADder directory to the C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\ folder, but making sure you copy, not move (try a right-click drag).
    • Drag the WAD you created on top of the wadunpacker.exe in the WADder install folder.
    • Get the (approximately 6-8mb) from the wadunpack folder in the C:\Documents... folder. Rename this file to the appropriate name as above. E.g. for 3.2e wii.
    That’s you now got an original wii system menu file, you need this to patch custom theme for them to work.

    Making your new theme
    Make a folder on your desktop called Themes
    Download and install MyMenu from here: WADder News
    Go to: Mym Repository - WADder Wiki and choose your theme, choose the right one for your Wii system, 3.2 or 4.0 or Any Wii. And download it to your themes folder. (check video first to see what theme is like.)

    Open up MyMenu and click on browse where it says source. Got to: C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\wadunpack and click on your file you made e.g and choose it.
    On MyMenu where it says MyM file click on browse and find your theme folder and click on your MyM theme.
    Now on MyMenu click on Create MyMenu, it will make file then ask you to name it and save it, save it to your themes folder. (You can get rid of the Mym file if you want.)

    That’s your new theme ready for your Wii

    Installing your new theme on your Wii
    On sd card for Wii make a folder called themes and drag your new theme into it.
    Go here: MyMenuify - WADder Wiki and download my menufiy.
    Put the file in your apps folder on your sd card,
    Put sd card in Wii.
    If you want to be safe, make sure you have preloader or bootmii installed.
    Go into homebrew on Wii and choose MyMenuify and choose themes.
    Choose your theme and it will ask you if you want to install, say yes.
    After it installs pick exit.

    The Wii will reboot with your new theme.

    This looks really cool if you modify the channels to match the theme. I have the Matrix Reloaded theme and all my custom channels (wad manager, homebrew browser, gamma loader) I have altered the pictures to matrix ones and when you open the program instead of music you get a line from the movie.

    My wii is below.

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    What the hell? When I download a theme, I get this folder, along with a mym.ini

    WTF do I do now? You should have put that in your guide!


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