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Thread: My wii want to update after updating to 4.1E with waninkoko updater!

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    My wii want to update after updating to 4.1E with waninkoko updater!

    I updated my 4.0E console to 4.1E by using waninkoko updater.

    After the update a few back-up games i could play before using the disc channel want to update "to a newer version", is there a newer version or did i screw something up?

    The same games don't ask for update when using Neo Gamma R7.

    It says Ver. 4.1E in the system settings. I have a wiikey installed if that matters.

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    4.1 is the latest.

    Wiikey should be set to block updates, shouldn't it?

    It wont ask you with neogamma as that automagically blocks updates.

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    Yeah, wiikey should block updates, but I never got it to work properly, so I skipped it. But don't you think it's weird that it is asking for update though I have the newest version?

    The games that are asking are:
    - The Conduit
    - Grand slam tennis
    - Virtua Tennis

    What update are these games trying to update to? Should I accept the update?

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    If you had 3.2 or 3.3 then used Waninkoko's Update to 4.0 then 4.1 again, it could be because you're missing IOS38, IOS53, IOS55. If that is the case, find the wads for these IOSs which are on the site and install them via Wad Manager. Also Wiikeys have Config/Update Discs available which can be found with google.

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    Actually I used the nintendo updater up to ver. 4.0E, then installed HBC and all other stuff using this uber guide: • View topic - The UBER Wii Soft-Mod Guide (up to 4.1)(even LU64+)
    After I was done I updated to 4.1E using Waninkoko's updater.

    So I might still be missing a few ios? Can I just install them separately using wad manager without messing anything up I did using the guide?

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    yes you can unless you have cioscorp

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    Alright, I installed IOS38, IOS53 and IOS55 by using the WAD manager with no results. I will try to update my wiikey now.

    EDIT: I got it working again.
    What I did was to update my wiikey from ver. 1.9g to 1.9s and ran the 1.4 config disk, where I activated dev mode and patch blocker.

    Thanks for the help!!
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