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Thread: DriveKey/HomeBrew Channel

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    Ca DriveKey/HomeBrew Channel

    Just a quick noob question;

    I just placed my order for my drivekey3..and I was Just wondering if its safe to install the homebrew channel and some .wad files using this tutorial:

    I'm currently on FW 4.1U.
    And if I install the homebrew channel can I still continue to update my wii's FW? Or will there be a risk of bricking it? Or would the HBC just stop working?

    Also my console ntsc, can I still install Pal .wad files?

    (Am I allowed to ask where to look for good .wad files?)
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    yeah it'll be fine i have a drivekey and i'm on 4.1U, also quick question, why are you using pal wad files. Why not stick with your region, it will keep you from making a mistake a bricking your wii.
    HBC 1.0.6
    Trucha Bug Fix
    cIOS38 rev14
    Wad Manager 1.5
    USB Loader GX

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    Great!!! thanks for help!!!
    I wasn't to sure if it matter if I installed pal .wads, but if it could cause problems I'll just stick to ntsc



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