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Thread: Please Help: Having trouble undoing an incorrect step during downgrade

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    Question Please Help: Having trouble undoing an incorrect step during downgrade

    OK so I was in the process of downgrading my Wii. Everything was going well, but then I came to the step of running the IOS downgrader and actually ran the cIOS downgrader v1.2 instead. This actually downgraded my firmware to v3.2, but I had a few steps to perform before the actual downgrade (Installing the Wii Shop fix being one of them).

    Now I went on to try and see if I could use the IOS installer and install the Backup Channel. It wouldn't work (ret 1017). I did a little Googling and found that uninstalling IOS249 and reinstalling an updated cIOS36 could fix the problem. I tried to do this using AnyTitleDeleter, but kept running into 1017 and 102 errors when trying to delete.

    I tried to look up these errors in Google but found nothing of use. Just other users asking the same questions with no answers.

    So does anyone know how I can get out of this horrible mess, and maybe start from scratch?

    Thanks for reading this far.

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    Well you could try TBR, those 1017 errors are usually down to cIOS issues.
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