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Thread: Which ModChip do i get?

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    Which ModChip do i get?

    Im struggling with trying to find the right mod chip for my unit.

    Ive found that I need a certain drive in order to burn a game.. is this correct?

    Also.. I found out that I need a certain program to burn games?

    Where do I get all this stuff

    Can someone help me sort this all out?

    I just cant seem to figure this all out n can use some help


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    as for a chip it's hard to say.. they all have there pro's and cons... personally I've used the WiiKey... (just finished installing the 15th one today) I've had nothing but good luck with them.

    Now if you want to copy an original yes you'll need a specific drive, the LGs seem to be the popular ones.
    * LG-8164b
    * LG-8163b
    * LG-8162b
    * LG-8161b

    Then of course you'll need the program that will dump the game:
    *Raw dump 2.0

    .net Framework 2.0 (you'll need this in order to run Raw dump)

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    thanks for your help

    what do you think of cyclowiz?

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    haven't personally used that one... but like I said they all have there pros and cons... just google... there are tons of comparison charts out there.

    over even here:

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    I like the cyclowiz. Basicaly the same as any other chip and has a Switch to turn if off. A good thing to have before an update. Just takes that 10% scare away you might lose the ability to play homebrew/backups/imports/bricking your wii. They wiikey don't come with that switch but you can intergrate a switch into any chip.

    I personaly have a wiikey.
    Wii d2b - Transparent Blue ii-Case with LED mod, Offical WiiKey
    NDS Lite - Transparent Green Ghost Case
    XBOX 360 Elite - unmodded for xb live
    XBOX 360 Custom Ferrari Red - iXtream 1.4 firmware

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    sorry to hijack this thread but i'm basically asking the same question. I've done a bit of rooting around on the net and found out my U.S Wii starts witht he serial number LU511 which apparently means its D2A/DMS/D2B without cut pins

    then trying to decipher what this means it looks like i can have a wiikey or cyclowiz chip fitted. I've just read the pros and cons and apart from the stealth option they seem identical (to my eye anyway). So i'm most probably answering my own question but should i go for the Wiikey as the cyclowiz seems out of stock in a few places or wait.



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    I have done a crap load of research in the end it comes down to the "Cyclowiz" and "Wii-key". The one I prefer is the Wii-key because it is more popular over the Cyclowiz so a lot more people will have experience with the Wii-key, so if ever have issues you'll have more chance of getting help.

    Modding is honestly a ton of fun especially with iso files available for download, so none of us are going to have to worry about buying a game for the Wii ever again.

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    WIIKEY is the best for u! use imgburn.

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    Cyclowiz is an ok chip but you have to have a switch installed to update it to the latest firmware. Also, during the update, you got to do the anonying flipping the switch back and forth when prompted. I've installed a few of these for customers but much prefer the wiikey for the simple install and upgrading.

    Quote Originally Posted by solakali View Post
    thanks for your help

    what do you think of cyclowiz?

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    I am the SSBB master...

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