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Thread: Mod recommendations for a newbie?

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    Question Mod recommendations for a newbie?

    Hi guys!

    I'm looking at getting a Wii on Wednesday, and would really like to be able to play backups on it.

    I've done a *little* bit of research on it and have decided that I might soft mod it and live with that while I save up for a solderless mod chip.

    At the moment, this is looking most promising to me, primarily because I can understand it and because it makes the rest of the process' seem like I would understand them

    Basically, in all of your opinions, what should I be doing?

    ps. I am not sure what version firmware will be on the Wii or what not
    pps. I really need to know this stuff before lunch on Wednesday (AEST), so any help I can get before then would be really appreciated. Cheers

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    search "New 3.1~4.1 SoftMod ANY Wii " in this FORUM !
    u get all supports, in case & most likely, u brick ur

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    Check this FAQ before you do anything so that you have an understanding of what your doing.

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    Thanks for the help guys, I think I've got a better idea now of what I'm doing


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