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    Question ISO size questions

    Hey all,

    I've been rooting around for a while now and wanted to ask a question about ISO my research it seems to be that disc size has to remain at 4.37 gb even though many of the games aren't that large...not really an issue if you're burning dvd-r's...but what about using a USB/SD connection? Is there a way to keep games like Wii Play down to their actual size and still allow them to work? I'd like to know before I go buy a 16 gb flash drive instead of an external hard drive. Thanks ya'll

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    the WBFS will shrink the iso into sizes that's playable onto Wii USB-Loader

    5 is possible for 16GB flash ....

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    Ah, so that's where the magic happens. Rawkin'...

    Follow up question...Right now I am without a USB device of any kind and have been trying to get my back-ups working via SD card, with no luck. Everything is installed and nestled soundly in my wii processors, but I don't know how to run ISO's off of an SD card and can't find the info. I'm running USB Loader GX as a channel with no luck, just "waiting for your slow USB device" for thirty seconds, followed by a reboot. Any ideas? I formatted my SD card with WBFS and installed my one current ISO with manager 3.0, so I don't believe that to be my problem...

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    I've never tried running a SD device in GX but it worked fine in USB Loader 1.5 but it was quite slow.
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