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Thread: i have no idea where to start looking

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    i have no idea where to start looking

    hi guys, im really new here.

    currently i have 3.2U and it can't play the newer games (the pirated ones)

    i can't play overlord 2. it asks me to upgrade but im afraid i can't play anymore pirated games.
    channel but i dont have it.

    and one note, i currently dont play backup, or maybe like cso or iso but i would like to know how.

    so which thread should i look for? i see people upgrading with homebrew

    and can i still play pirated dvds on newer version?

    and how to know if my wii has been hacked or not?

    how to install things into the wii?

    Which thread should i check on how to upgrade?

    thanks in advance

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    Alright I was the same way. Im not sure if this is the route most will take or even agree with but I followed this and in 2 days have played 20 backed up games, hope this covers everyhting you need:

    Download here: RapidShare: 1-CLICK Web hosting - Easy Filehosting

    Info Here:


    It finally exists!

    We, da_letter_a & damysteryman, now present to you all:

    cIOSCORP v3.4!

    What is it?
    It's a complete software modification for your Nintendo Wii to
    allow you to play almost all of your backup burnt Wii and GameCube
    games via the disc channel without opening your console or having
    to use a loader application.

    What's in it?
    Main Installer:
    IOS09 = IOS53 v5149 with rev14 DIP
    IOS11 -> IOS15 = IOS53 v5149 with rev14 DIP
    IOS17 = IOS53 v5149 with rev14 DIP
    IOS20 -> IOS22 = IOS53 v5149 with rev14 DIP
    IOS28 = IOS28 v1293 with rev14 DIP
    IOS30 = IOS53 v5149 with rev12 DIP + ES_DiVerify Patch
    IOS31 = IOS31 v3092 with rev14 DIP
    IOS33 = IOS33 v2834 with rev14 DIP
    IOS34 = IOS34 v3091 with rev14 DIP
    IOS35 = IOS35 v3092 with rev14 DIP + ES_DiVerify Patch
    IOS36 = IOS36 v3094 with rev12 DIP + ES_DiVerify Patch + NAND Permissions Patch
    IOS37 = IOS37 v3612 with rev14 DIP
    IOS38 = IOS38 v3610 with rev14 DIP
    IOS50 = IOS50 v4889 with rev12 DIP + ES_DiVerify Patch
    IOS53 = IOS53 v5149 with rev14 DIP
    IOS55 = IOS55 v5149 with rev14 DIP
    IOS56 = IOS56 v5146 with rev14 DIP
    IOS60 = IOS60 v6174 with rev12 DIP + ES_DiVerify Patch
    All IOS have the Trucha Bug restored.

    Extras Installer:
    cmios (WiiGator)= mios v4 with WiiGator's GC Backup Launcher embedded
    but with mios v9's tmd, ticket, and banner info.
    cmios (waninkoko)= mios v4 with waninkoko's cmios but with mios v9's
    tmd, ticket, and banner info.
    cIOS36 rev12 DIP= cIOS36 v3094 with rev12 DIP. Supports Dual Layer
    discs, but does not fix #001 error properly.
    cIOS36 rev14 DIP= cIOS36 v3094 with rev14 DIP. Properly fixes #001
    error, but does not support Dual layer discs.
    IOS201 = IOS36 v3094 + Trucha Bug Restored + ES_DiVerify Patch
    + NAND Permissions Patch. DIP is unmodified. Part of
    the DVDX Fix.
    DVDX = DVDX, but runs under the aforementioned IOS201
    instead of IOS36. Part of the DVDX Fix.

    How risky is it to install?
    cIOSCORP v3.4 overwrites the majority of the system files (IOS)
    on your Nintendo Wii with modified ones which "know" how to handle
    DVD±R discs, so the installation process itself can be quite risky.
    You should be fine if you just let the installer run though.

    damysteryman, or anybody else for that matter) ARE NOT HELD

    How to install it:
    Unpack the contents of this .zip file to your SD card and run the
    "cIOSCORP v3.4 Main Installer" application via the Homebrew Channel,
    sit back, and wait a few minutes. That's it!

    If you want to load backup GameCube games too, then run the
    "cIOSCORP v3.4 Extras Installer" application via the Homebrew Channel,
    and install EITHER WiiGator's OR waninkoko's cmios. Only one can be
    installed at a time, but you can change your mind by overwriting the
    one installed by installing the one you want.

    IOSes 30, 35, 36, 50, and 60 now all have the ES_DiVerify Patch
    in them. This fixes preloader compatibility, and should allow the
    majority of homebrew applications to identify as SU (SuperUser).
    This patch will only allow identification as SU, but not others
    like SystemMenu, so programs like AnyTitle Deleter won't be able
    to identify as SystemMenu.

    Due to the way the custom DIP Modules work, they do not support
    DVDX, so cIOSCORP v3.4 now includes a workaround to this. Just run
    the "cIOSCORP v3.4 Extras Installer" application via the
    Homebrew Channel, and install the included IOS201 and DVDX channel.
    (This workaround may not work for some applications, or some users.)

    Comment from damysteryman:
    "We tried to make it as noob friendly as possible. Read README,
    copy it over, run it, done! Now just pop in a disc and play!"

    How to uninstall it:
    Fisrt of all, DON'T DELETE ANY IOS!!! YOU WILL (most likely) KILL
    YOUR WII IF YOU DO!!! Rather, the IOS must be OVERWRITTEN with
    official, unmodified IOS. Just download one of the cIOSCORP v3.4
    Uninstall packages, copy it to your SD Card, and run the uninstaller
    via the Homebrew Channel. MAKE SURE YOU DOWNLOAD THE CORRECT ONE!
    If you are not sure which one is the correct one, just use the
    "cIOSCORP v3.4 Uninstall (LU64)" package. The link for the download
    can be obtained by emailing (along with the
    cIOSCORP v3.4 download link)

    A compatibility list has also been included in the package. Open the
    "cIOSCORP v3.4 compatibility.xls" file, or "cIOSCORP v3.4
    compatibility.xhtml" file if you can't open .xls files.

    The official cIOSCORP v3.4 package can always be found by emailing If you get it from anywhere else, it might
    not be the official package, and could be corrupted. A member of
    wii website repackaged a previous version and distributed their
    package, which (accidentally) had a corrupted IOS30. So be sure
    to grab the official version!

    @Redistributors, news posters, etc:
    If you do plan on redistributing or linking to the cIOSCORP v3.4
    package, could you please just link to the original cIOSCORP v3.4
    package, rather than repackaging it yourself? Thanks in advance.

    Does it work with LU64+ or equivalent Wiis?
    -> YES! It is the ONLY full-on disc channel loading solution for
    LU64+ and equivalent Wiis!
    cIOSCORP v1 and v2 will BRICK LU64+ (or equivalent) WIIS!

    Do I have to uninstall anything before installing this?
    -> NO!!!
    DON'T EVEN TOUCH BOOT2! (let bootmii do that, if it can)
    Just make a NAND backup if you can, then run the installer.
    THAT'S IT!

    Can I switch off or unplug the Wii during installation?
    Is there any way to cancel the installation during the install
    -> NO!!!
    Once you press "Load" in the Homebrew Channel, or load the
    "cIOSCORP v3.4 Main Installer" (or uninstaller) application,
    you can't stop the installation.

    My discs don't show up in the System Menu! What do I do?
    -> Make sure the game you are trying to play is the same region
    as your Wii. If you are trying to play an import, make sure you
    have some sort of region free hack. If you have preloader installed,
    try to experiment with enabling and disabling preloader hacks,
    especially if the hack's name has the words "region", "game"
    and/or "disc" in it, or maybe change your Wii's region setting.

    Is the Hackmii Installer compatible?
    -> Unfortunately, no. The Hackmii installer refuses to run under
    any fakesigned IOS. We're guessing that Team Twiizers thought
    that anybody with fakesigned IOS must be a pirate!

    DVDs won't read properly in MPlayer! What do I do?
    -> The following answer is based on MPlayer_CE: try going to "Open,
    File, Wii DVD", this should mount the DVD, which you can then go
    back and select "Open, DVD Video, Play DVD", or maybe select
    "Play Title #x" instead, or you could try going to
    "Open, File, Wii DVD" and load the .VOB file you want to play.
    Or you could just select "Play DVD" and wait several minutes.

    What causes the #001 error?
    -> The majority of games have some code in them that checks whether or
    not the disc is on a DVD-ROM. If it is, the game runs fine. If not
    (e.g. if it's on a DVD-R), the game will spit out the #001 error.
    Rev14's DIP module properly fixes it though, so any game
    (not running under IOSes 30, 36, 50, or 60, as they use rev12's DIP)
    should not have this error. If you do get the #001 error, burn the game
    onto a DVD+R (NOT DVD-R) and BOOKTYPE it to DVD-ROM. This will tell
    the Wii that it is a DVD-ROM disc and it will load fine.

    What causes the #002 error?
    -> More recent games have another piece of code in them that checks what
    IOS the game is running, against the IOS that the game's tmd requests.
    If the IOS it's running under does not match the IOS it wants
    (e.g. you forced it to run under another IOS), it will spit out the
    #002 error. cIOSCORP users SHOULD NOT GET the #002 error, as the games
    are not being forced to an IOS they don't want, but if you do get it,
    make sure that any "IOS Reloading" hacks you have (such as the one used
    in preloader hacks.ini) is DISABLED.

    Mario Kart Wii gives me #001 error! What do I do?
    -> Mario Kart runs under IOS36, the same IOS that
    Super Smash Bros. Brawl runs under, and Brawl is on a Dual Layer
    Disc. But rev14's DIP does not support Dual Layer discs. So IOS36
    uses rev12's DIP in order to keep Dual Layer Disc support, but does
    not fix #001 error properly (rev14's DIP is the only DIP that DOES
    properly fix #001 error). The easiest way to fix this is to burn
    Mario Kart Wii onto a DVD+R (NOT DVD-R) and BOOKTYPE it to DVD-ROM.
    If you don't know how to, just google "how to booktype DVD+R to
    DVD-ROM". If you don't want to do that though, you could load the
    "cIOSCORP v3.4 Extras Installer" application via the Homebrew Channel,
    and install the included cIOS36 with rev14's DIP (this will break
    Dual Layer disc support though).

    Metroid Prime Trilogy doesn't work properly! What do I do?
    -> We personally don't have the game to test, but cIOSCORP users need
    only patch the game to run under IOS36 (as IOS36 supports Dual Layer
    discs), and then burn it onto a Dual layer Disc (with the layer break
    set to 2084960), the same way you would burn Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
    Always backup your .iso file before patching, of course.

    Ghostbusters gives a black screen! What do I do?
    -> This should be fixed, but if not:
    Try to experiment with enabling and disabling preloader hacks,
    especially if the hack's name has the words "region", "game"
    and/or "disc". Maybe even try changing your Wii's video mode from
    NTSC to PAL, and vice versa. Make sure the .iso you're using hasn't
    had a patch video mode, or been patched to use an IOS other than
    IOS53, or been patched at all. Make sure it's not a bad dump, etc.
    If it still gives a black screen, then we're not quite sure why it's
    not working for you. Maybe there's a setting you missed and
    didn't change.

    Ghostbusters freezes at the Wrist Strap Health & Safety Screen!
    What do I do?
    -> According to WiiPower, this seems to be a problem with the Scene
    Release, which could be a bad dump. It could also be due to the 3x
    DVD reading speed, as compared to the 6x reading speed used for
    legitimate Wii discs. There is a "disc eject trick" that I found on
    gbatemp (can't remember who posted it, though. @Whoever discovered
    this, credits to you.) I have reworded it into steps:

    Start at the wii menu

    1. Make sure the nunchuk is connected before starting
    2. Insert disc
    3. Banner should load up in disc channel
    4. Hit Start (but be ready to hit eject)
    5. You should see the screen flicker for a second, when this
    6. It should say "Please Insert Disc blah blah blah", just wait a
    few seconds, then insert the disc.
    7. The game should load fine from that point.

    This might have to be tried a few times, and will need practice
    to master.

    Here's a quote by WiiPower from this thread:
    General softmod backup launching compatibility guide -
    "Problem category 3(heath screen freeze games)

    These games freeze at the heath screen for some users, mostly for
    people using discs and that only get 3x reading speed. There's no
    real solution for this problem yet. Some people get it to work by
    pressing certain buttons with the correct timing. And many people
    report that they get the game to load by pressing eject with the
    correct timing, and reinserting the disc when they are asked for.
    The correct timing seems to be as soon as the screen flashes white
    for the health screen. And a 3rd solution that is reported to work
    is to remove the sd card. It seems these problems are caused by
    faulty piracy releases, many people reported that a self created
    backup works flawlessly, while the 3 burns before have this issue.
    Maybe this problem is caused by scrubbing the game."

    Comment from damysteryman:
    "Fixing Ghostbusters compatibility really pissed us off.
    I mean REALLY. I'm assuming it pissed off the testers aswell.
    It took 5 fixes to make it work. Animal Crossing Wii worked with
    the first fix we made for it.

    If I ever see a ghost, I am going to personally bust the
    damn thing myself!"

    Hey, da_letter_a, what preloader hacks do you have enabled/disabled?
    -> Check the included "cIOSCORP v3.4 compatibility.xls" file, or
    "cIOSCORP v3.4 compatibility.xhtml" if you can't open .xls files.

    This this related to the original cIOSCORP?
    -> No.

    Are you affiliated with any of the creators of the original
    -> No.

    Then why did you use the name "cIOSCORP"?
    -> It seemed to be the only name that seems to fit what this
    modifiation does.

    waninkoko - made the cIOS249 we all know and love, we used DIP
    modules from that to make cIOSCORP v3.4
    - made Wad Manager 1.4, we used this to make the
    "cIOSCORP v3.4 Extras Installer"
    - made one of the two cmios included in cIOSCORP v3.4
    WiiGator - made one of the two cmios included in cIOSCORP v3.4
    WiiPower - for telling us about rev14's DIP Module breaking
    Dual Layer Support
    - for explaining the "Problem category 3
    (health screen freeze games)"
    icefireicefire - made the original cIOSCORP installer, we modified
    that to make the "cIOSCORP v3.4 Main Installer"
    WiiBlaster - the creator of the original cIOSCORP, he let us
    use the name "cIOSCORP" as no other name seemed
    to fit what this modification does
    ChokeD - for hosting cIOSCORP v3.4 and setting up an
    auto-reply email service to distribute it

    And of course...
    All of my testers (too many to name, you all did an
    ABSOLUTELY SUPERB JOB! Without you guys, this
    would never be as refined as it is now!)

    Wanted (for cIOSCORP v3.5):
    - all of the LATEST (but NON-STUB) Korean IOS files
    (IOSes 40, 41, 43, 45, 46, and 52) so we can add
    Korean Wii support
    - people who are able to disassemble and ASM hack IOS
    modules (to try and hack Dual Layer disc
    support back into rev14's DIP)
    - test results for any games we have not tested (check
    the compatibility list to see what data you have to
    give me, and how to set it out, before telling me)
    If you have any of the above, or can do any of the above, please pm
    da_letter_a at the forums.

    v3.4 - changed DIP Module in IOSes 30, 36, 50, and 60
    to use rev12 in order to fix Original GC disc
    support, and to fully remove the Anti #002
    error system present in rev13b
    - added the latest IOS56 to support Guitar Hero 5
    - changed the base IOS for all the non-modular
    IOS from IOS33 to IOS53
    - DIP modules are no longer shared between IOS
    - consolidated all extra features into one installer
    - removed the bc as it was unnecessary
    - added uninstall packages (separate download)
    - added compatibility list to package
    - updated the FAQ
    - updated the README

    v3.3 - changed DIP Module in IOSes 30, 50, and 60 to
    use rev14, i.e. the true #002b error fix
    (Ghostbusters, etc. SSBB is unaffected)
    - added DVDX Fix workaround
    - added NAND Permissions Patch to IOS36
    - changed the ES_DiVerify patch (results didn't
    change, though)
    - removed IOS10 from the package as it is
    - updated the FAQ

    v3.2 - added the ES_DiVerify Patch to IOSes 30, 35,
    and 50 (preloader fix)
    - fixed Animal Crossing Wii compatibility
    - fixed Ghostbusters compatibility as much as
    - moved cmios to use an installer separate to the
    main installer, for people who don't want to
    install the included cmios
    - removed IOSes 51, 56, 57, and 61 as they are
    - completely overhauled the README

    v3.1 - fixed the #001 errors many games were giving.

    v3.0 - Unreleased, due to the amount of #001 errors.

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    Check this FAQ out its extremely helpful if your confused and is updated constantly.

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    what version will it upgrade my wii to?
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