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Thread: 3.2E Upgrade questions

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    Question 3.2E Upgrade questions

    Hi Guys,

    About a year ago i soft-modded my Wii using the twilight hack method and downgraded to 3.2 E

    I have not used the Wii in some time and my son now want to play the new games so i guess i need to update to 4.1E

    I have read so many post with conflicting information so i just need someone to confirm how to upgrade to this safely. My son will cry his eyes out if i brick it....

    I have read the FAQ's and lots of posts, I have also read the majority of the 33 pages of How to upgrade to 4.1 with homebrew still working This seems simple enough, However many people who have posted seem to be having trouble which worries me a little.

    I recently upgraded my homebrew channel via a network update which also installed DVDX and Bootmii. and now my will is as follows

    V3.2 E
    Homebrew channel
    Internet Channel (installed as wad)
    Backuploader Gamma
    WAD manager 1.3
    Bootmii as IOS

    When the bootmii options first came up i chose to install it as boot 2 - IOS? which i access via the HBC and use the power button to navigate.

    I have now read it is better to have this as the other option so it boots with the Wii, is there any way to change this?

    I am also confused with all of the IOS/CIOS files mentioned in the posts, Is there a way to check what is installed? I did go to my homebrew channel and saw CIOS249 bit cannot see any others
    is there a specific order these need to be installed in? I am hoping to use the USB Loader one i have upgraded.

    Sorry for all the questions any help very much appreciated!
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    Here's the safer way to upgrade to 4.1 This tute will give you 4.1 without removing your softmod or cIOS. It worked for me. People have trouble when they don't follow the tutorial properly. It works.

    Bootmii as boot2 is preferrable but is only available to older Wiis, those made before Nintendo updated the boot section of the Wii. During the hackmii installer Bootmii will intelligently work out if it can work as boot2, if not it'll offer IOS. I think you can, even with a possible boot2 option, still install IOS but it would require you to choose that option. Run hackmii installer boot.elf through HBC to re-check if you wish.

    Only when doing a tutorial, such as the TBR tutorial is it required to install as a sequence, as one modification will depend on a prior one being complete.

    You can check which IOS you have installed by using a few different applications. The one i like to use is dop-ios, but do be careful as you can too easily modify your system and brick it with this application. This app allows you to scroll through every IOS on your Wii and tells you the version you have and sometime a description of what the IOS does. I wrote a list of my IOS for future reference.
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