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Thread: Strage Harddisk problem

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    Strage Harddisk problem


    I have a problem that I think is strage.

    I have soft moddet a Wii for my pal, and I have the exact same harddisk as him and cloned my games in WBFS manager on to his harddisk.
    But when I try to play the games on his harddisk it freezes on the first loading menu in every game, (Tiger Woods, and Animal). But not if I plug my disk in his Wii.

    And also if I use USB loader GX i get error #002 on tiger woods... but that is on both harddisk...

    I have used this guide:

    Does any 1 have an idea what the problem is?

    both is a 250 GB lacie disk. And my HD works in his wii but not his....

    best regards

    edit: can it be that I need to install : IOS60patched.wad?
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