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Thread: D2Pro9 Chip and Black Screen on New Games

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    D2Pro9 Chip and Black Screen on New Games

    I have the D2Pro9 chip installed since June 2008. I have not updated any firmware on the chip (not even sure what version it is at). My Wii is at 3.3U.
    I have been able to run backups until about the release of new games about 3 months ago. The new games are recognized at startup, but as soon as you click on the icon, the screen will go black. This only happens with the new games. My old backups still function.

    I've tried reading other messages, but am getting confused as I think some solutions are geared toward people with soft mods.

    I've also read some people not recommending to upgrade past 3.3U because Nintendo will be able to force updates on you without your consent. Then I'll see another message where someone states they went to the Nintendo website and upgraded their Wii to 4.x and the new backups now work. But is that a mistake to do for future updates pushed by Nintendo?

    I'm also reading about using a WAD Manager and installing IOS55. And then using GammaLoader?

    Some other posts talk about editing the ISO before burning. Again, I'm not sure if that applies to the soft mods or modchips as well.

    Can someone please help me in my situation? Based on the setup I have, what is the best course of action to get the new releases working?

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    I had the same issue as you. Check this thread. All works great now.

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    If I understand your thread correctly, you just rented a game and allowed it to update your Wii? You went from 3.3U to what version now?

    If it's okay to allow an update like that, then why the concern with updates and using WiiBrickBlocker on backups?

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    The issue is with the softmode or homebrew. If you are using a modchip, their should be no issue. I have alowed updates on Beatles RB, Country RB and G-Force and my wii is at 3.4u. It seems all newer games have some sort of update but that doesn't mean your system will update.
    Just go for it!!!

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    Ok, I'll go for it. Do you know if I have to update it from a new original disc, or can I update from the Wii and Internet connection? Strange that your only at 3.4U when I read other people are at 4.x. Maybe I don't want to risk going that high.

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    I did all my updates from the disc. I have never updated from an internet connection. Everything is working perfect!! Good luck!!

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    I rented Beatles Rockband....the Wii updated to 3.4U and took a while to update. It did not solve the problem. Multiple "new" backups were still not working. I went back and exchanged it for G-Force. Another update occured, but still at 3.4U. This update went very fast. Lo and behold, all new backups are working.
    Thanks for the tip.

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    No prob...glad it worked out for you!!

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    thank you

    I just want to say thank you to stedee for his reply. I also had the D2Pro9 chip running at 3.3u. The new games would not work as decribed, with just a blank black screen. After updating using the Dora game, my firmware is now at 3.4u. All the games are working again. So thank you again stedee, and dunedog for creating this topic.


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