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Thread: FS: Modded wii with other accessores and games

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    FS: Modded wii with other accessores and games

    Excellent Wii.
    2 SETS controllers
    -2 nunchuks
    -2 wiimote
    -1 wii sports disc

    includes 5 games
    Wii Tennis
    Wii Boxing
    Wii Bowling
    Wii Baseball
    Wii Golf
    -1 the Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess
    -1 Super Smash Brothers Brawl
    -1 Super Mario Galaxy
    -1 Resident Evil 4
    -1 GC Zelda:Wind Waker
    -1 set of component cables

    Also has USBLOADER with 40GB 2.5'' sata HDD and enclosureincludes the ability to load apps and other stuff onto a hard drive

    for $370 plus s/h

    heat is note235
    and trisonswire is ebay

    already softmodded to be able to play any gamecube iso and wii iso.
    Also has homebrew
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