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Thread: Help finding an app

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    Help finding an app

    I had to reformat my computer and in the process lost an app that created .wad's for games I have downloaded. It could read my USB drive, and used batch to make the wads or you could do it one by one. I really liked and need that app. It began with a y and it looked like yacult or something like that. Does anyone know it?

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    Can we get the fifty-fifty help???

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    What do you mean?

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    dont you have who wants to be a millionaire in your country? any way i think you are looking for "Yaulct" whatever this is

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    That was exactly what I was looking for, and im from the USA... South Carolina to be specific. I understood what you said and your reference, just not what I was going to be narrowing down.

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    do a search for uloader_v3.0B.rar in google, it comes with the package


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