I recently put HBC on my Wii.
Works fine with booting backups and installed a couple WiiWare games on there through WadManager(works great).

I was going to put HBC on a friends Wii as well.
His first precaution was about Still buying games and going to the Nintendo Channel.

When I tested this on mine, Shop Channel would no longer work and Nintendo Channel doesn't work as well.
I used "Firmware_updater_4.1.dol" developed by Waninkoko
Anyways, after this when I try to go to the Shop Channel, it just takes me back to the Main Screen.
Nintendo Channel says that I need to download the new version from shop channel.

Anyways, my questions being:
Does anyone know why this is the case? I've read something about a new version of Shop Channel that I need to get; but I've no clue really where to start about with this.
Also I have a WiiWare game(FFIV the After Years) on my Wii, Will there be any problems accessing the Shop channel or Nintendo channel with that still on there? I've read some conflicting opinions on this but nothing really conclusive. General rule of thumbs seems to be to just remove it through WAD manager, but I just wanted to make sure. Also will there be any problems going on there(Shop and Nintendo) with HBC on my Wii?

Thanks in advance