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Thread: Noob with Boot Loader Issue

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    Noob with Boot Loader Issue

    Hiya peeps and peepettes, hope you can help...

    I've unlocked my Wii using the Zelda hack, updated the cios and installed Wii Gator boot loader 0.3 beta.

    Now I appear to havea tempramental Wii....

    Mario Kart is the only game I haveripped so far and to date have not really had any problems until today. I usuall change the config settings to :

    Boot Lang: Console Default
    Force PAL60: No
    Force NTSC: NO
    Force Pal50: YES
    VIDTV Patch: No
    Hook Type: Wii Patch
    Ocarina On: NO

    I'm now getting one of three outcomes, unfortunately the game playing is the least common.

    What is happening is either the screen will sit saying:

    The Game Disc could not be read.
    Please read the
    Wii Operations Manual for
    more information


    It will just sit displaying:

    Launching Game
    Lang: Default

    My question is, is there anything I can do to get the game to load every time as it is very frustrating when you have friends around to play on the Wii and you can't load the game???

    Is it something to do with the settings, the disk or am I just being daft ?

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    get a copy of neogamma 7, get a copy of cios38 rev14 and try with them, you obviously didnt follow a guide from this site, as twilight hack is nearly as old as me (And thats very old). The problem i see is that if its a guide thats old enough to use Twilight, chances are all the other stuff they supply/tell you to use is also old.

    also, make sure you are burning on good quality (preferably verbatim) DVD-R discs, burnt at 2.4x speed in ImgBurn.

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    Thanks for the prompt response...

    More than happy to try re install CIOS/Neogamma etc, am guessing that basically means re-softmodding the wii, if that is the case, can I just follow the guides on here from scratch or would modding a modded wii cause me any further problems ???

    Other Q, any links to d/l sites that aren't torrents, it appears to be a small file ?
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