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Thread: strange goings on after preloader attempt

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    Us strange goings on after preloader attempt

    weird things are happening now after my attempt to load preloader. when i i saw the "if you dont agree with this turn wii off now" thing i did. after i restarted my wii it loaded ok tried to move my brain challenge channel to a new position then the wii system files are corupted screen showed. i restared my wii and did not see the screen again, every thing loads fine exept afew things.

    1.wiisx give me a code dump now when i load a game(ran perfect before)
    2.snes9gx froze when it asked me to update(1 time then ran fine again)
    3.pcsx-r now gives me a code dump when i try n go back to the hbc menu

    any one have any idea what happened?

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    why did you want to back out of preloader install?


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