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Thread: Dance mats?

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    Dance mats?

    Hi folks,

    I got Dance Dance Revolution (game only) for Wii and was wondering would it be possible to play it with one of the cheapo third-party dance mats that you can buy off ebay for 15 euro?

    Or does the game require the original mat? I can't find them here at all. I found it on Amazon for $29 but with shipping it goes up to $80

    And the connector on these mats is some weird round one, looks like S-video. Does that fit somewhere in the Wii or am I gonna need something else to play this?


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    It probably plugs into the Gamecube ports on the top, they are roundish in shape. As far as I know the dancemats just replicate the D-pad on the gamecube anyway.
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    Cheers mate. I've ordered a cheapo one off eBay

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    doubt it will work for ddr 2

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    It doesn't

    Whatever port I use, DDR2 just doesn't recognise it.. nothing happens


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