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Thread: Backup Game not able to have cheats?

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    Question Backup Game not able to have cheats?

    I've recently made a backup of my fav game of all time, GH3, using my friend's disc because mine broke. It's great playing it again, and now I've found out there are a few ways I could easily beat career mode on expert, with the use of hacks. I know how to apply hack codes using gecko OS and all that, but I can't load my backup game in Gecko OS. Is there a way to play backup games with hacks? Or will I have to track down another copy of the game? Please respons ASAP, and thanks in advance.

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    cheats work fine with backups.

    Backups work fine with Gecko.

    Why cheat? if you cant do the game, play something else! i REALLY dont see the point of cheating, is it just so you can stroke your E-peen and say you finished it?

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    If there's a more pointless game to cheat at than GH series of games I'd like to hear about it.

    Do you get something wonderful by completing career mode on expert?

    Like a huge sum of money deposited in your bank account.
    Make you more attractive to girls.
    A new option in the game perhaps.
    Maybe your life would be a little more complete.

    I'm not particularly keen on cheaters, the hacks in Wiihacks is not about entering codes in games it's about modding Wiis to do interesting new things.
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.

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    No need to be d-bags about it. I'm just asking. So you know, I'm plenty capable of beating it, but this would take a load of time off. And actually, yes, you do unlock the final few guitars. I've been making my own wii theme in the meantime, but still, I'm trying to get this worked out first.

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    coz its l33t h4x0rz

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    Quote Originally Posted by pro_digy View Post
    coz its l33t h4x0rz
    I agree

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