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Thread: Shaun white (PAL) help on NTSCJ in Australia

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    Shaun white (PAL) help on NTSCJ in Australia

    Hi All,
    yes I'm a noob! I have the Jap Wii NTSCJ in AUSTRALIA with HBC and 3.2J firmaware. When I first bought Shaun White Snowboard (PAL) it all worked fine when loaded thru Gecko, Now it just comes up in a blank screen and never works, any suggestions?

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    Have you installed/changed any things lately?

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    Hi Favs,
    no havent changed anything. The prob used to occurr intermiteently ,but now it is all the time. none of the threads I serached seem to answer this prob, but as someone relatively new to all the tech jargon I could have missed this.

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    Hi Favs,
    Just fixed it!
    I went on to the game directory and deleted duplicate Wii Fit and wii sports (they were Japanese versions) and this seems to have fixed and allowed me to play snow boarding again. Thanks for your help


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