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Thread: Gecko "Error Loading Channel. Press B to restart"

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    Gecko "Error Loading Channel. Press B to restart"

    Hello. I recently updated my Wii to 4.1u from 4.0u.

    I used Free File Hosting Made Simple - MediaFire that to update to 4.0u when it was originally up, and had Gecko 1.9.1. I was able to use codes and such with the channels just fine before.

    When I recently heard about there being a how to up on the same link to update to 4.1u I went for it. I couldn't download the update from the official servers themselves though, so I used NUSDownloader and used waninkoko's wad manager to install 4.1u. Everything went fine including the downgrading, etc. explained in the how-to.

    However, now when I use Gecko 1.9.1 I can use the ocarina codes for the Wii games, but when it comes to VC channels I see a brief glimpse of it loading the codes correctly, then I get "Error Loading Channel. Press B to restart."

    I also installed Gecko 1.9.2, but the channels load fine, but it can't find the codes for Wii, or the channels themselves. Note: I have/had everything on the USB thumb drive pre-4.1u update and it worked fine there. Any ideas?

    Edit: Tried going back to 4.0u doing the NUSDownloader, and Wad Manager, then updating to 4.1u again and following the guide but the only difference is that the bootmii stuff didn't try to install. It said there weren't any available IOS' that could work with it.

    But you know I guess I don't mind making my wii a virgin again. However, I can't find any how-to's for making a lu64 version a virgin. Any ideas?

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    Would a system format from the wii options make this easier, or does it not delete certain ios'?

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    Don't do a system format if you want to clean your Wii theres a guide posted that shows you how to do that.

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    If you're talking about

    Then you obviously didn't read what I said. I have a LU64 version Wii... Meaning if I follow this I will brick it.

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    That is so true!!!!! Knowledge always leads to success...

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    If anyone out there can help me figure out how to get textures,skins, and
    the animal crossing tool kit please reply.

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    I only read the second q because you made a double post and since i originally couldn't help after reading the first few lines I stopped reading. Forgive my stupidity and I'm sure if you had read the guide I mentioned you'd also know that using the wii format dosn't really help much.

    Quote: don't use the 'format' option on the wii as this won't delete what you want it to and could cause problems.

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    I didn't really read that tutorial myself since I thought it was common knowledge that LU64 can't downgrade, or can't downgrade past a certain point.

    King J: You fail at hi-jacking threads.

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    LOL imagoth if eceryone reported such things, my mail would have been flooded with reports, try not being so strict and report only really bad posts

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    Okay then.

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